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Top UX Programs.

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Undergraduate Programs

Undergraduate programs are usually 4-Year College or University programs to earn a bachelor’s or equivalent degree. UX Design has become a recently new major and varieties of degree types, names, and educational requirements can be found in association with the career out come of UX Designer or Researcher.

RankUniversityProgramTuition (USD)*LocationAcceptance
Average Starting
Carnegie Mellon University BS Human-Computer Interaction$58,810 Pittsburgh, PA17.3%$98,053*★★★★★
University of Washington △BS Human Centered Design & EngineeringIn-state $11,745
Out-of-state $39,114
Seattle, WA55.9%$100,000*★★★★★
University of Michigan △BS Information (BSI)In-state $15,948
Out-of-state $52,266
Ann Arbor, MI26.1%$78,000★★★★★
Pennsylvania State UniversityBS Human-Centered Design and DevelopmentIn-State $18,898
Out-of-state $36,476
State College, PA 54%$71,000*★★★★☆
Purdue UniversityBS UX DesignIn-state $9,992
Out-of-state $28,794
West Lafayette, IN67.2%$69,000**★★★★☆
DePaul UniversityBS User Experience Design$41,202 Chicago, IL70.2%$55,500★★★☆☆
Drexel UniversityBS User Experience & Interaction Design$56,238 Philadelphia, PA77.2%$54,000**★★★☆☆
The New SchoolBFA Design & Technology$46,960 New York, NY35%~$50,000*★★★☆☆
University of ConnecticutBFA Web/Interactive Media DesignIn-state $17,834
Out-of-state $40,502
Storrs, CT56%$55,000**★★★☆☆
University of Indianapolis ▽BA/BS Experience Design$32,268 Indianapolis, IN84.5%$38,000**★★★☆☆
Robert Morris UniversityBA UX/UI Design$32,130Carnot-Moon, PA 86%~$32,000*★★★☆☆
Bradley University △BA/BS User Experience Design$35,480Peoria, IL73.3%$66,667*★★★☆☆
Duquesne University ▽Digital Media: Interactive Design and Media$41,892Pittsburgh, PA77.2%$55,000**★★☆☆☆
Academy of Art University △BFA Interaction & UI/UX Design$24,664San Francisco, CA100%$33,000**★★☆☆☆
Tulane UniversityBA Digital Design$58,852New Orleans, LA11.1%~$48,000**★★☆☆☆
Arizona State △BS Technical Communication (User Experience)In-state $11,338
Out-of-state $29,428
Tempe, AZ88.4%$55,000**★★☆☆☆
University of MinnesotaBS Product DesignIn-state $15,027
Out-of-state $33,325
Minneapolis, MN 69.6%$46,000**★★☆☆☆
Northwest University △BA User Experience Design$33,980Kirkland, WA92.8%$41,300**★★☆☆☆
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graduate Programs

Graduate programs such as Human-Computer Interaction have been around a bit longer than undergraduate programs to help people extend their education in the specific field of design and psychology of technology. You can find amazing programs across the World in different niches or in broad design education.

RankUniversityProgramLocationAvg Starting Salary**Overall*
Carnegie Mellon UniversityMS DesignPittsburgh, PA$103,880★★★★★
Carnegie Mellon University ▽MS Human-Computer InteractionPittsburgh, PA$96,809★★★★★
University of Washington ▽MS Human Centered Design & EngineeringBellevue, WA$85,000★★★★★
Georgia Tech ▽ MS Human-Computer InteractionAtlanta, GA$90,000★★★★★
UC Berkley ▽Master of Information Management and Systems (MIMS)Berkeley, CA$132,500★★★★★
Stanford University ▽MS Design Impact Stanford, CA$90,000★★★★★
Massachusetts Institute of Technology ▽MS System Design and ManagementCambridge, MA$83,600★★★★★
Bentley University △MS Human Factors in Information DesignWaltham, MA$107,000★★★★★
UC Berkeley △Masters DesignBerkley, CA$120,000**★★★★★
University of Michigan △MS InformationAnn Arbor, MI$86,000★★★★★
San Jose State UniversityMS Human Factors and ErgonomicsSan Jose, CA$92,500★★★★☆
Indiana University–Purdue University △MS Human-Computer InteractionIndianapolis, IN$98,500★★★★☆
University of Michigan △MS Human-Centered Design and EngineeringDearborn, MI★★★★☆
DePaul University △MS Human-Computer InteractionChicago, IL$72,800★★★★☆
Rochester Institute of Technology △MS Human-Computer InteractionRochester, NY$77,000★★★★☆
Pratt InstituteMS Information Experience DesignNew York, NY$68,000★★★★☆
Rutgers University △MBS User Experience DesignNew Brunswick, NJ$112,000★★★★☆
Indiana UniversityMS Human-Computer InteractionBloomington, IN$84,000★★★★☆
DePaul University ▽MA Experience DesignChicago, IL$69,000**★★★★☆

University of Washington △MS Human-Computer Interaction and DesignBellevue, WA★★★★☆
ArtCenterMFA Media Design PracticesPasadena, Ca$88,000*★★★★☆
University of BaltimoreMS Interaction Design and Information ArchitectureBaltimore, MD★★★☆☆
Drexel University △MS Information – HCI/UXPhiladelphia, PA$91,000**★★★☆☆
Florida Institute of Technology ▽MS Human-Centered DesignMelbourne, FL★★★☆☆
California College of the Arts △MDes Interaction DesignSan Francisco, CA★★★☆☆
UC IrvineMaster of Human-Computer Interaction & DesignIrvine, CA$57,000★★★☆☆
The New SchoolMFA Design and TechnologyNew York, NY$75,000*★★★☆☆
Rice University △MS Human-Computer Interaction and Human FactorsHouston, TX$70,000★★★☆☆
Tufts University △MS Human Factors EngineeringMedford, MA$82,000*★★★☆☆
Cornell UniversityMA DesignIthaca, NY★★★☆☆
 University of Texas AustinMS Information (Interaction Design)Austin, TX$66,000★★★☆☆
School of Visual ArtsMFA Interaction DesignNew York, NY$68,000*★★★☆☆
California State UniversityMA Interaction Design & Interactive ArtHayward, CA★★★☆☆
University of MarylandMS Human-Computer InteractionCollege Park, MD★★★☆☆
Arizona State University △MS User Experience Mesa, AZ$91,000★★★☆☆
Pennsylvania State University △MS Informatics (Human-Centered Design)State College, PA$71,000★★★☆☆
Northwestern University △MS Engineering Design InnovationEvanston, IL58,900**★★☆☆☆
New York UniversityInteractive Telecommunications programNew York, NY$43,000★★☆☆☆
Iowa State UniversityMS Human Computer Interaction Ames, IA★★☆☆☆
Northeastern UniversityMS Experience DesignBoston, MA★★☆☆☆
California State University, Long BeachMA Human Experience Design InteractionsLong Beach, CA$41,000**★★☆☆☆
George Washington UniversityMA Interaction DesignWashington, DC★★☆☆☆
Michigan State UniversityMA Media & InformationEast Lansing, MI★★☆☆☆
Kent State △MS User Experience DesignKent, OH★★☆☆☆
State University of New York at OswegoMA Human Computer InteractionOswego, NY★★☆☆☆
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  • Relevant UX Courses
  • Career Outcomes
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