Do I need a Degree to Get into UX Design?

No, UX Design is a portfolio & experience based job. But, college degrees tend to help you build your portfolio, learn from industry professionals, network, & unlock opportunities available to college students only such as early career or intern programs. College degrees are often required or preferred for jobs, although they don’t need to be specifically degrees related to UX Design.

Is a UX Design Major Worth it?

It depends, the programs are very new, and of course designers come from all backgrounds. I would keep your mind open to different majors. If you need a portfolio and clear guidance, maybe a UX major is for you. If you want a unique background or want to do something like UX Writing or UX engineering different backgrounds could be helpful. I would consider these Majors: Psychology, Engineering, Human Factors, Computer Science, IT, Anthropology, Communications, Design, Information Systems, & even English!

What Alternatives are There to Learn UX?

UX Designers come from all backgrounds, you’ll meet people who transitioned from sales, had Spanish majors, or even some went to Boot Camps. There is no one correct way to learn UX. Certificates and Boot Camps are great ways to learn for lower price points. You can find free certificates and even learn UX on YouTube for free or somewhere on the internet. Learning UX Design will always be FREE, but working on real world problems and networking will help you get these jobs.

What School did you personally go to?

For my undergraduate degree I attended DePaul University where I was a design & marketing intern for a startup, and then landed a UX consulting job Senior year. I enjoyed my time, but there is definitely better and similar programs all across the country. Sometimes I wondered if I should of majored in Computer Science, Cognitive Sciences, or Physics/Engineering. Yet, everything worked out. I know a bunch of amazing designers coming out of programs listed and not listed including UW, Carnegie, Michigan, NYU, BU, Tufts, Wellesley etc.

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